Photonic Crystal Nanostructures

Our group studies the optical properties of photonic crystal (PC) structures. PCs are periodic structures that can reflect or guide light very efficiently. This work, in collaboration with A. Alverson, studies diatoms which have a natural nanostructures in their shells (or frustules). Additionally, group members study the optical properties of other recently-developed PC fabrication techniques.

Figure 1 - Photonic crystal waveguide model. From [1].

Related work and further reading

[1] M. Sarollahi et al. The significance of the number of periods and period size in 2D photonic crystal waveguides SPIE Optics + Photonics, (2015)

[2] J. Mishler et al. Biomimetic Photonic Crystals based on Diatom Algae Frustules APS March Meeting 2015

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Figure 1 - Diatom Frustrule. From [3].

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