Group Photo Archives

University of Indianapolis:

Spring 2019

Group Photo (Jan. 2019):
From Left: JB Herzog, Meredith, Miles

University of Arkansas:

Spring 2018

Group Photo (Apr. 2018):
From Left: Ahmad, Desalegn, Tobi, Zach, Faezeh, Stephen, David, and JB Herzog
(Yeah! Everyone was present for the photo opp this year!)

Fall 2017

Group Photo (Nov 2017): From Left: JB Herzog, Stephen, David, Zach, and Ahmad
not present for this year's photo opp: Desalegn and Madison

Fall 2016

Group Photo (Dec 2016): From Left: JBH, Stephen, Nessin, Ana, David, Desalegn, Ahmad

Summer 2016

Group Photo (July 2016): From Left: David, Ahmad, Chandler (REU), Zach (REU), Pijush, Stephen, Desalegn, Dr. Herzog

End of Spring 2016

Group Photo (May 2016): Left to Right: Dr. Herzog, Saeed, Stephen, Gabi, Avery, David, Desalegn, Ahmad. not present: Pijush

Summer 2015

Group Photo (July 2015) not present: David, Desalegn, Avery, and Michael

Spring 2015

Group Photo (May 2015) not present: Desalegn

Fall 2014

Group Photo (Dec 2014) note: Gabi is currently in Japan, and will return in Jan 2015

Spring 2014

Group Photo (May 2014)

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